About me

Gershon Janssen Gershon Janssen is an independent consultant and member of the OASIS Open Standards Group.

Gershon has a background in software and infrastructure architecture, distributed systems and integration technologies. Gershon works predominantly on projects, designing and building complex information technology architectures focusing on architecture, SOA, Cloud, Identity and Privacy.

Gershon is a strong promoter of open standards and believes in broad adoption of these and as such participates actively in standards efforts. In OASIS, he sits on the Steering Committee of the e-Government Member Section, and on the identity and privacy related Technical Committees ‘Identity in the Cloud’ and ‘Privacy Management Reference Model’. Gershon also sits on the Coordination Committee of the Internet Technical Advisory Committee to OECD, focusing on Information Security and Privacy.

After having studied Computer Science, he has held various positions in the Netherlands and abroad within the government, aviation, banking, logistics and supply chain management sectors.


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